A Lack of Take Out and Meatloaf Monday

A major goal of mine has been to make and eat more dinner at home.  Our day, like everyone else, is full. By the time we get in the door making dinner can cause a full-fledged panic.  I promised myself that we would seriously cut back on the take out. Being that December is already a pricey month, it’s a great time to do that.

The order of dinner has slipped away from my brain, but in the last seven nights we had four chicken meals, a meatloaf, homemade macaroni and cheese and a quick chili.  There was a lot of noise made about eating chicken four nights in a row; I ignored it.  Then I threw in a meatloaf ( a few groans, but mostly happiness).

I LOVE meatloaf. It isn’t fancy or necessarily healthy, but it is something I have always loved. Growing up, my mother made a cream of mushroom soup based one because my father was not a tomato based meatloaf fan.  When I was in high school I sometimes made us two different types because I am totally a tomato based meatloaf fan.  This week I threw together a from scratch meatloaf that we ate pretty quickly.  I will be repeating it this week just to give it one more try before I share it. Shhhhh. Please don’t tell them we are having meatloaf again.

My goals for  a weeknight meatloaf are minimal ingredients, no chopping, quick cooking and delicious. Basically it should make itself so you can walk away and fold laundry, drink some tea or help a kid with homework. Meatloaf is coming soon.

*Disclaimer-We ate the meatloaf Tuesday, but my love for alliteration trumped honesty.

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