The Dinner Making Struggle

I love food, hence my attempt at a food blog. However, since I want to be upfront about things, I do have a confession to make.  As much as I find food fascinating, and love being in my kitchen, I am VERY BAD AT MAKING DINNER during the week. The struggle, folks, is real.  It is embarrassing to admit this, so I would like to share some of those reasons that I feel this has been happening for years and how I hope to fix it.

The first reason is that we are gone about 10 hours a day. This is way too long for me to leave a crock pot on because I can’t check on it.  And I am just not comfortable leaving it unattended for a ten-hour stretch.

Another reason is that by the time it hits 5:30,  I have used all the brain cells in my head. Also, while cooking there is always someone talking to me…………………………………………….

“Mom, can I have a piece of Halloween candy?”
“Mom, how do you spell this word?”
“Mom, do I have to do the extra credit?”
“Mom, she won’t give me her eraser.”
“Mom, I need help with this math.”
“Mom, what’s for dinner?”

In addition to answering the above questions, I am emptying my dishwasher,  breaking up fights and thinking about how much work I still have to do later that night, while chugging a cup of coffee.

The tastes in our house vary a great deal. Basically I will eat anything and I can not say that about the rest of family, other adult included.  Veggies aren’t popular, except with me. So because no one else cares about certain food items, I could skip them. However, that is having an impact on all of us. It takes a certain effort for me to prepare things I know we should eat, even though I know groans may ensue.  Get ready family. The vegetables are coming.

Some of my solutions have included going out for dinner or take-out. This has been an on again on again problem for us. I swear we could have bought a new car with the money we have over spent on take out in the past 5 or 6 years. Enough is enough.

Homemade pizza
This has been a go to recipe that I usually have the ingredients for, however, we have been eating way too much pizza. I am trying to up our protein and lower our carb intake. This may fit in once or twice a month, but weekly or sometimes more is embarrassing.

Meal Kits
I admit that I started using a meal kit this fall. I got a great deal to try one, and they aren’t bad. The best part about meal kits is the lack of thinking required on my part. When I am making one though, I feel like it is something I could have made on my own for half the money.  It is better than take-out, so I am leaving it on the back burner as an emergency back up.

The Solutions
I have read the blogs, joined menu planning sites. read make ahead cookbooks, but nothing sticks for me.  At this point I am beyond fed up. I am sick of take-out, don’t enjoy eating out that much and always feel over budgeted.

The one thing that has worked for me is knowing in advance and having some foods prepped ahead of time.  I can’t cook it all on Sunday. It is Sunday morning as I type. I was going to go shopping at 7:30, but I decided to write this and plan my week instead. So now I will finalize my weekly plan, maybe try something new and creative and then off to the store I go.

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