Side Dish Deliciousness

Oops. I forgot to post this before Thanksgiving, so here it is a bit late. It is not my recipe, but you have to make it. Yum!

While it would be exciting (and stressful) to host a big giant Thanksgiving feast, that is not what I am doing. We will be traveling to two different houses, to see both sides of the family.  Appetizers at my cousin’s and dinner at my sister-in-law’s. My contribution to dinner is this amazing squash recipe I found last year in the Wegmans magazine. You can make this for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or both.  Make it as a fabulous side dish since it has something for everyone with butternut squash, onion and cranberries.  You can find the recipe over at their site. This is one recipe that will never grow for me.

Enjoy all your fabulous recipes and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

*I have no affiliation with Wegmans, however, one opened a town over from us a couple of years ago. I don’t shop there exclusively, but it is an amazing store. It has prepared food for crazy busy nights, fancy cheese and great wine and large family sized bulk items at great prices. It is an extremely large store and can take some time to shop at, but to me it is worth it. 



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