Why Start a Food Blog


If you are reading my very first post, thank you! I appreciate it. I hope you keep reading, and that I keep blogging. My plan is to share my love for all things in the kitchen. Being in the kitchen is my yoga. That being said, I still can’t pull it together to make dinner many nights, so if you feel the same way maybe we can be friends.

Food has been a huge part of me for my entire life. The tradition and nostalgia.

I read so many wonderful food blogs, and a  little voice inside has always been whispering, “you can do this.” Well, I am not sure if that voice is correct, but here I am.  I hope to share what I create in my kitchen for my family with you. “You” being anyone who enjoys food and understands the way it connects us all.

When you find someone who loves food the way you love food you can easily make a new friend. I hope you enjoy your time here.


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